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Many people say that offering a smile does not cost anything. Only it needs a movement of 12 muscles to smile, and will activate the rest of the muscles that are in our body. Laughing not only changes the expression of the face, but also causes the brain to release endorphins and serotonins from the blood stream, giving the body a rapid sensation of energy and general well-being.

As we reach adulthood, we become more mature. However, we are beginning to lose the spontaneity of laughter. In such a way, laughter is a good resource to improve the quality of life, so the importance of taking back the great benefits that this offers to integral health.

Numerous studies have shown that humour and laughter are excellent allies of the body to release negative energies, fight against stress, promote psychological balance, increase endorphin levels and certain components of the immune system. In the same way, it is good to know that twenty seconds of laughter is equivalent to three minutes of physical exercise.

In addition, that laughter lowers high blood pressure because it increases blood circulation, releases lipoproteins which are a few molecules made up of proteins and fats contained in the blood, promoting levels of cholesterol reduction. It also increases the concentration of collagen, a protein contained in the skin, which is responsible for its elasticity and firmness, by delaying premature aging.

When you smile, the neurotransmitters called endorphins are activated by the movements of the facial muscles, these are interpreted by the brain, which releases chemicals, causing a feeling of happiness and well-being, automatically reducing stress levels. That is, while the more the brain is stimulated to release these chemicals, the more relaxed and happy we will feel.

Also, these substances also act as natural analgesics of the human body, favouring people who suffer from chronic pain, converts to an effective treatment. In the same way, when laughing extends the lungs, which improves blood oxygenation and skin health as well. It stretches and relaxes the muscles of the body and stimulates the internal balance of our organism.

A recent study states that “people who don’t smile live an average of 75 years, while those who smile fully live an average of 79 to 80 years”.

In addition to providing many benefits to beauty and health, smile can also be used as a social tool. A smiling and relaxed person is capable of generating confidence and is able to handle stressful situations. When we smile we seem more friendly and create a harmonious atmosphere between people, which helps to have a positive effect on everyone’s well-being.

Laughter is contagious conduct, maintain a happy and positive expression, because its smile not only makes you happy, but also makes others happy. What’s waiting to smile?

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