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Sciatica treatment

I was in pain with my sciatica for years. I am 76 years old, have suffered since the age of 33 years from chronic low back pain, I pass the pain you all know… a chiropactor spoke to me about lumbar susceptibility: Once considered this expression in the first degree, I became aware that indeed, the slightest annoyance, the slightest stress, led me to stretch myself strongly, precisely at the lumbar level…
Little by little, the least of my movements ignited then the zone, until the movement of too much.

My solutions:
1- A first (or several, if really many things to arrange!) session of osteopathy, to restore joint structure aplomb
2- Flexibility! I realized that my sedentary life had made me stiff for a very long time… Result: tilting my head forward could create tension up to my knees! So I worked on the flexibility (sometimes by taking anti-inflammatory drugs in parallel) of the main joints, in particular by practicing squaring, back to the floor, legs perfectly stretched against the wall.
3- A pair of orthopaedic insoles, to rectify a collapse of the arches, and not to compensate my difference of 1,5cm on the left (a heel only suits in the case of a “short” physical exercise, to relieve in my case the hip the time of the effort, but never on the long term, because the body has adapted)
4- Abdominals, suspended on the arms, back straight, bringing back the legs, and relaxing the lower back (not easy)
5- Psychotherapy, to regulate/manage the whys that made me tense, mainly in this place .
6- Osteo sessions afterwards, to settle other things, which, in the medium term, could lead to a new imbalance.

It was “long”, several months (for the body), several different exercises, before finding the most suitable.
I learned a lot about myself, my body and my mind. Now I easily touch the ground with my fingers, legs stretched, so that my body has “margin” to stretch, before it rhymes with blockage.
I now have rare pain, sometimes surprises me to stretch my muscles in the kidneys, but I can relax, and manage my stress.
My quality of life has nothing more to do with this period when I did nothing more, or my pains led me to apathy, and dragged me over the years in a vicious circle close to depression.

I hope that my story, and its simple and slow ending can serve as an example.

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Bernadette Graam Bernadette Graam
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