Reiki training

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Reiki training

To be formed is the royal way to live fully the benefits of Reiki:
To become one’s own energetic practitioner and to embark on a path of spiritual development and deep rediscovery of oneself is a magnificent goal.

Becoming a channel that transmits Reiki energy through one’s hands, seeing its benefits materialize on oneself and on one’s loved ones is always an experience beyond words.

Having the ability to act on all areas of our lives that do not satisfy us (health, work, relationships, love, money, mental patterns, addictions, trust, creativity…) to reinstall harmony and balance helps us regain control with more confidence and serenity.

As its founder Mikao Usui wished, Reiki training is based on simple principles accessible to all. No donation is necessary to practice Reiki. It is enough to wish to channel Reiki energy and learn the teachings and principles to quickly practice and experience its benefits on oneself and one’s loved ones. Reiki does not depend on any belief, dogma or institution, it is above all a school of individual freedom.

Being able to channel Reiki energy for yourself and others cannot be learned in a book. This capacity is transmitted from a master teacher of the Mikao Usui lineage to a student via energy harmonisation protocols carried out individually and live during the training. Once reactivated, the ability to channel Reiki energy is acquired for life.

In the West, Reiki training is generally composed of four degrees, the 4th degree being more specifically reserved for those who wish to teach this practice. Many practitioners around the world remain initiated to the first or second degree only to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Reiki training gives us another look at our body, at the origin of its suffering and illness. It gradually awakens in us a greater clarity about the functioning of our energy system, our mind, our emotions and our mind. Through the degrees and our awareness it reconnects us with our essential nature, invariably positive, to our inner light. Depending on the depth of our practice, Reiki can be a true path of spiritual awakening that connects us to the very foundation of all being.

The regular practice of Reiki brings us more wisdom, serenity and happiness and by extension to all our loved ones.