Reiki Testimonials

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Reiki Testimonials

Here are some testimonies from people who have received Reiki treatments:
Guy: I do a very physical job (mason, carpenter) and my back often hurts. From time to time, a Reiki session relaxes my muscles. The last time I had sciatica I had a Reiki session that reduced the pain and inflammation, two days later I was able to go to the osteopath.

Julie: I had to have an emergency herniated disc operation. After the operation and during the convalescence I did a series of four Reiki sessions a week apart. Each time I was satisfied to feel a deep relaxation and progress in my mobility.
Loïc : I am very active professionally, I live at 100 an hour and finally I do not always sleep well, I often drink coffee! From time to time, a Reiki session allows me to recover and calm down for a while…

Here are some testimonies of people who have been initiated to Reiki:
Marie: I had to have breast cancer surgery, then several chemotherapies and quite a few radiotherapy sessions. After all these treatments, I felt tired, anxious, irritable. I did four Reiki sessions over four days, I took up “the hair of the beast”. Given the results obtained, I was initiated to be able to continue to give me Reiki daily and also to share it with my entourage.
Cancer and Reiki have changed my vision of life: now I take the time to savour all the pleasant little moments, I have removed from my life all that was superficial, superfluous. I “grumble” much less, I am more tolerant towards myself and others !

Gaëlle: In two years, I have suffered many shocks: dismissal, divorce, mourning. I was “at the end of my rope” when a friend told me about Reiki. I didn’t believe it too much but I was close to depression and I wanted to get out of it. I was initiated, I clung to it because at the beginning I did not feel much but I do not regret because now I found a lot of serenity, joy, vitality and in a few months I started a change in my professional and emotional life. Thank you Reiki!

Marie :

Very beautiful testimony from Marie who accompanied her mother at the end of her life: click here.

Hubert : It was out of curiosity that I was initiated to Reiki I was not sick, not particularly stressed. I liked it, I found this technique simple, pleasant to do on oneself and on others. Finally I realized that it made me more sensitive, open, deep. Reiki allowed me to resume meditation and contemplation-oraison with much more awareness and subtlety.

Henriette: When I retired I had pain everywhere because of the rheumatism and I was very tired. I decided to take care of myself whereas until then I had taken good care of others: my husband, my children, my parents… So I started Reiki. It was truly extraordinary, beyond my expectations:
Very quickly I slept much better, awake in great shape. I do my own treatment at night and I fall asleep serene. If I wake up at night, which is increasingly rare, I do Reiki on the solar plexus and I go back to sleep immediately! During the day, when I have joint pain due to humidity I do Reiki on these areas, which soothes me in a few minutes. Gradually I stopped taking anti-inflammatories, which did my stomach a lot of good! I’m really not ready to let go of Reiki: it accompanies me on a daily basis. Thanks to this simple technique, I can do many activities (housework, garden, painting, choir, walks) without feeling tired… And then my grandchildren and my dog love Reiki, I actually do it to them, here and there when they ask me (and even my husband!). And it’s a pleasure, I’m not even tired afterwards, on the contrary.