Reiki Psychic Healing

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Reiki Psychic Healing

We become aware of our way of life, of our conditioning of the past. Psychic healing helps us to move towards what suits us. Some images of our unconscious may have caused mental disorders and left traces: fear, sudden emotion, depression, addictions of all kinds, problems during childhood. These blocks, these buried negative thoughts weigh on us and unconsciously clog us. Psychic healing will be able to act at the level of our Psychic Self Healing and unravel some deep-rooted problems.
Psychic healing will make it possible to go back to the sources of the psychological conflict in order to be able then to free the person of these blockages not perceived consciously.
Psychic healing comes to the surface a problem well buried. An inappropriate emotional reaction may be revealed, exposed in the process of release. By addressing the higher self, the necessary information of the psychic disorder can be decoded, brought to the surface and thus be digested, understood and accepted.
The unconscious will receive from the higher self the information necessary for the dissolution of the blockage. The information transmitted to the recipient of the treatment can be in the form of words, images, thoughts, feelings.
Principle of psychic healing
The position of the recipient for a psychic healing is the sitting positon, feet straight on the ground. Ask the recipient if he wishes to receive information about his psychological disorders. State a phrase requesting psychic healing with the objective of healing the person from his problems raised together with the Reiki care giver.
Repeat the sentence mentally and pass it on to the recipient’s body. The subconscious and the higher self receive the desired information. The person, once warned, will be able to receive this information in the form of words, symbols, images that will allow him to understand the message received by his subconscious and his higher self.
The request must be clearly formulated, stating that it is for the greater good of the person concerned. This feedback allows the recipient to better understand and love themselves as they are.

The stages of psychic healing

Harmonize the person’s aura from top to bottom, the person is sitting during treatment
Draw a power symbol on the person’s back to accentuate the vibratory rate of the treatment
Place hands on receiver’s shoulders for 30 seconds to 1 minute
Draw the harmony symbol behind the receiver’s head
Draw the power symbol behind you to accentuate the transmitted energy
Place the right hand above the crown chakra and the other hand at the back of the head, palm covering the area that joins the head and neck. Maintain position throughout treatment
Activate the harmony symbol then the power symbol and repeat each mantra 3 times. This will create a link between the conscious and the higher self, as well as a link between the donor and the recipient.
Repeat mentally the person’s names and nicknames 3 times
Visualize a light that descends from the top of the skull into the receiver, circulates in the throat, chest and descends throughout the body to the foot and fills us ourselves with this healing light.
For 3 to 5 minutes, inhale the healing light and transmit it with each exhalation to the recipient.
Focus on your third eye and clear your head
Mentally formulate the healing request for the person to the person’s conscious and higher self
Repeat mentally 3 times the mantra: “We ask the subconscious and I superior to… show him the cause of his problem… and show him how to love and heal himself totally”.
Then say out loud: “The voice is now open”. Stay in the same position for about 5 to 10 minutes
Thank at the end of the treatment and finish the treatment
Remove the hands and rub them together to finish the treatment.
Harmonize the aura of the person as at the beginning of the treatment

Psychic healing during conventional treatment

It is possible to include psychic healing in a classical treatment. To do this, the receiver is in a lying position.

Begin treatment as normal by laying hands on the eyes and head.
Then do the treatment of psychic healing
Then resume the treatment by the position on the ears
The rest of the treatment takes place in the classic way

Psychic self-healing

It is possible to practice psychic self-healing as for another person, this connects us even more to our unconscious and to our higher self, communication between the two is strengthened.

The evening or the morning are good times to dialogue with your higher self. In all cases, this technique allows to feel a deep inner calming and brings a most beneficial inner calm.

Teach me the cause of my problem and show me what I must do to love and accept myself and heal myself completely.

1. Place the palms of the hands on the eyes, transmit the energy of Reiki

Draw the harmony symbol then the power symbol on the back of the head

Place your right hand on the head with your fingers facing the back of the head, and your left hand behind the head, with your fingers covering the junction between the head and the neck.

Activate the symbols in golden light. The light energy travels the body from the head to the feet, going down everywhere. Repeat the mantra 3 times and your full name

Fill her whole body with golden light that circulates from head to toe.

Ask for the root cause of our problem by explicitly quoting it and ask what we need to do to love ourselves as we are.

Repeat the formula 3 times and let it mentally penetrate the body

Say aloud “The channel is now open and waiting to receive more information from the higher self”.

Listen to the messages sent by our higher self

Fill your body with light and love before completing the treatment

Rub hands together to complete treatment