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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

What is Reiki?

All you need to know about the Reiki method

What is the definition of Reiki?

It is a Japanese word meaning “the strength of the mind” (literally,”energy of the mind”). It is the union of meditation and relaxing touch on points of the body, to favour the restarting of the natural potentials solving the person’s natural potential. Thanks to this, everyone can develop their intrinsic natural potential to achieve their natural and sustainable well-being.

As there are deviations in Reiki, we must turn to a form validated in France. This is the case of Reikiology, the way to study Reiki, which is the specificity of our federation.

Attention, read also the page “What Reiki is not” (there is no lineage in Reiki, no 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree, no Reiki initiation, no universal energy of life). These are deviations.

Where does the Reiki method come from?

The founder of Reiki is Mikao Usui. This Japanese meditation master was born in 1865. He created Reiki in 1922. Unfortunately, he died in 1926,4 years later. When he died, people turned the Reiki into a New Age by pretending it was the Reiki of Usui. But the founder was no longer there to defend himself and restore the truth!

Today, Reiki is found almost everywhere in new age form, where people channel the universal energy, which has never been Reiki. Some of them switch to sectarian deviations.

The French Federation of Traditional Reiki is the only federation respecting the original practice, without adding new age. She has received official recognition for her training and professional practitioners, and the effects of her professional practice, Reikiology, are clinically proven.

Read more about the history of Reiki Usui

Why is Reiki an energetic practice?

Like all energy practices coming from the Orient (Tai Chi, Qi-Qong, Aikido, etc.), Reiki makes it possible to know how to manage one’s energies. Unlike these practices, the management of our internal energies concerns not only the physical body, but also our mind (with its thoughts and emotions).

In our federation, Reiki is the learning of the mastery of our energy circuit and internal breaths. This training allows us to release our blocked internal energies, which create tensions in the body (pain, somatization, certain illnesses) and in the mind (parasitic thoughts, anxiety, anguish, depression, burnout…).

Thus, meditation and energy combined with a relaxing touch allow people to benefit from the benefits of relaxation and meditation, now demonstrated in international clinical studies.

Read the effects and indications of Reiki

Why is Reiki said to have a mind-body approach?

Reiki in our federation takes into account the whole person. The mental well-being of the person (psycho-) and also his or her physical well-being will be taken care of.

This creates a balance between body and mind, and the effects of well-being last longer. They’re also deeper.

Why is Reiki said to be a health practice?
It is a health practice in the sense of feeling good in your mind and body. Well-being is not a medical field, but what WHO calls positive mental health.

Thus, Reiki cannot be proposed to cure diseases, act on cells, genetics, solve organ problems, as claimed by the new age reiki with reiki care.

On the other hand, Reiki in our federation, on the other hand, stops the causes that trigger ailments of the body and mind, up to certain illnesses (psychosomatic, for example).

Read more about positive mental health

How to use and train in Reiki?

In our federation, Reiki can be used in discovery training or advanced training.

To train:

Reiki for beginners: short one-day training (discover the Reiki course)
Reiki in long personal and professional training (discover the Reiki Institute Training Center)
You can also visit a professional practitioner, validated by an international certifying body for his field practice: reiki directory.

How viable is Reiki?

We can only talk about our practice since Reiki is presented elsewhere in new age form, in 90% of cases!

In our federation, our practice is validated by third party organizations.

The training programme has a French quality label and European accreditation. These 34 days are to be followed over the duration of his choice, for personal or professional practice. It is also possible to have an extension to a European BAC+3 diploma (Bachelor’s degree).

Professional practitioners are supervised and their field experience is validated according to ISO 17024 by an international certifying body.

Finally, our federation is ISO 9001 certified and thus placed under continuous improvement.

Does Reikiology really work?

Many wellness practices do not keep their promises because their functioning has not been validated.

We wanted to differentiate ourselves and submitted our Reikiology practice to a clinical study at the beginning of 2015.

This clinical study revealed its well-being and anti-stress benefits for 95% of people, with a 36% reduction in stress, starting with the first 45-minute session.

Reikiology is therefore, to date, the only wellness practice with clinically proven effects. We keep the commitments of what we say.

Read the clinically proven effects of Reikiology

relaxation and secular meditation
fixed and light touch on body positions
a secular, contemporary and western pedagogy
the development of the human mind towards its potential solutions, based on the expertise of Western and Eastern disciplines such as phenomenology, neurosciences and cognitive sciences.
On psychology and its verbal and non-verbal support tools

What is the Reiki framework?
This is an unconventional practice.
Since there is no state diploma, many people do anything in Reiki. This is why we have developed a transparent curriculum that is regularly audited by certifying bodies.
It’s a non-medical practice.
It does not treat symptoms, is not a natural, mild or unconventional medicine.
And it is a practice aimed at natural well-being
It accompanies the person, also, on a psychological level.

Does Reiki have any contraindications?

Not all people should be lengthened, as some people with a basic psychological fragility may feel even more fragile.

It is very important to deal with a professional who agrees to be under supervision, as in our federation.

Read the contraindications of Reiki

How is a Reiki session going?

The person lies dressed on a table and closes his or her eyes. She’s letting herself go and doing nothing special.

During this time, the practitioner places his hands on specific points of the body (head, bust, stomach, legs, feet…), with a very specific touch, and at the same time practises a specific meditation. By resonance, the person enters his or her own meditative relaxation. Under the effect of this specific meditation, the tensions accumulated by the person at the level of the body and/or spirit, which prevented him/her from accessing his/her innate capacities and creative resources, release and allow these natural potentials to emerge.

Watch the video of a Reiki session

Consult the Reiki Practitioners Directory

Which Reiki book can I buy?

We can only recommend books from our professionals, because we don’t quote any drift.

You will find a free book on Reiki, written by our president Christian Mortier, also founder of Reikiology. Download Christian Mortier’s book

You can also download a free pdf document listing many of Reiki’s aberrations from our Reiki abuse and aberrations information site. Go to the “Download” tab. Reiki drift information website

You can buy a 400-page book explaining the source of Reiki and its redevelopment. Get the book’s references:”Reiki, this wonderful practice of happiness.”

Which Reiki forum or Reiki blog do you recommend?

You have a lot of information about Reiki on this site. We wanted to be exhaustive about our practice.

You can also visit the Blog of our professional training center. It gives a lot of information about Reiki in general, and how it works. You can subscribe on the blog to be informed as soon as a new article is published. Go to the reiki blog.

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