Reiki Healing

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Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy healing technique by laying on hands that is simple and easy to learn. Reiki acts as well on the physical level as on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and allows us to heal ourselves, heal others and heal the planet.

Reiki is one of the names that designate a thousand-year-old healing technique: the laying on of hands. Actually, it means much more than that… Reiki is a Japanese word.” Ki” means energy or life force, and “Rei” means cosmic, universal, divine, spiritual.

This energy, Reiki, is present in everything, it is it which breathes life, which governs the physics of elementary particles and coordinates the movements of the stars and galaxies. It is an energy that responds to the laws of harmony, wisdom and love. It is available constantly and everywhere, its abundance is infinite, inexhaustible. Since it has never ceased to be present, to have access to it, it is enough to invoke it. But in modern society we have forgotten that we have that power, and in our ignorance we neglect that source of abundance, healing, wisdom and love.

We find in all cultures healers who use this magic energy, we still find it in our countryside. The great sages have used it, and still use it. Each of us uses it instinctively, without knowing it, when we put our hands on a painful part of our body or on the wound of a crying child. Reiki is as simple as that, everyone can learn it in an instant, without effort, because everyone already has this technique in his genes. There are no theories, dogmas, laws or rules that govern Reiki, it is our intuition that guides us. It is enough to invoke and channel this energy so that it answers our prayers, bringing healing, protection, comfort, happiness in our life and that of our loved ones.

Reiki acts on three levels. First, it allows us to heal ourselves, to take care of ourselves, which we too often neglect. We thus take responsibility for our health, and stop depending on others to find harmony in our lives. It is also a sure way to regain self-confidence, and faith in the benefits that the universe is capable of satisfying us.

Then, Reiki allows us to help others, to relieve and heal their ailments and diseases, those who suffer, who are desperate, all those who do not yet have a personal relationship with cosmic energy, or who dare not believe in it. If they receive a treatment that relieves them, they may open themselves to the energy of Reiki and the idea of becoming autonomous healers themselves.

Finally, Reiki allows us to heal the Earth, because every time we invoke it, whether we use it to heal ourselves or others, we bring a small ray of cosmic energy, of divine light, to the planet. And when several million people do this every day, an immense flow of love and purification is constantly watering this world that needs it so much. By practicing Reiki, it is the gift that we can give each day to ourselves, to our loved ones and to the world in which we live, without effort, without cost, and by offering ourselves, at the same time, well-being. Isn’t it wonderful?

Reiki is not only a technique to treat our physical ailments, it also treats psychological, emotional and mental disorders. And it heals situations, problems, conflicts, relationships; purifies the environment, food, thoughts; protects beings and things. Reiki is not limited by space and time, it travels instantaneously in all places and can act in the past and in the future. In fact, the powers of Reiki are infinite, they are limited only by our lack of imagination and creativity. When we open ourselves completely to Reiki, we become the creators of our own life and of the world in which we have decided to live.

Welcoming the energy of Reiki in us also has another advantage: it is a means of fulfilling our spiritual being. When we let this energy enter us, nourish and purify all the cells of our body, envelop us with its protective radiation, our subtle channels and chakras harmonize and we connect to divine wisdom, to the dimensions of consciousness that transcend the limitations of the material world. Once we have deeply integrated this process, we realize that we are beings of light, who temporarily inhabit this physical body to accomplish their mission in this world and experience the mysteries and joys of life…

To study Reiki is to learn to develop our confidence in the benefits of this energy. At first, a few simple tips will guide our hands, until we are able to listen to the voice of our intuition, our inner guide. It also means making a commitment, above all towards ourselves, a commitment to take care of ourselves, our loved ones, the Earth, by becoming a channel for cosmic energy, a messenger of divine light.

This is the main purpose of initiation, a short ceremony in which the master transmits the energy of Reiki to us, imposing it on the top of our head, the receiving antenna that binds us to the source of cosmic forces, in our heart, the center of love and compassion, and in the palms of our hands, our transmitting antennas in the material world.