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How to have visible abs and a flat stomach

How to have visible abs and a flat stomach

In this photo the right abdominal muscles are visible; it is the famous chocolate bar; much better than the sheathing it is the Demi-Crunch Pieds en l’ Air which allows to sculpt his abs and to obtain this muscular definition.

Visible abdominal muscles visible flat bellySheathing and exercise on the flat back of the transverse abdominal muscles require the deep, non-visible layer of the abdominal muscles. These 2 exercises are enough to have a flat stomach because they work the abdominal strap but not focused enough on the muscle fibers of the right great to have abdominal muscles.

flat stomach and transverse abdomen

Transverse flat back exercise for a flat stomach

Lots of books and advertisements promise us miraculous solutions that will make your abdominals explode. Weight training is a sport and you are therefore “naturally limited”.

The truth is that all methods converge and, in the end, we always see the same thing. Here I propose to reveal the basis for having abs, just for you dear readers.

We will study the underside of abdominal strength training methods in the form of maxims:

1. Grease will be my enemy!

The logic is simple: your abs are under the fat of your belly (don’t look, we all have a minimum, we can’t live without it). The less fat you have, the more we will see your abs and the harder they will be.

To lose fat there are no secrets: you have to act on the diet. In fact, it’s mathematical: you eat x kcal (calorie unit) per day and there’s some sort of threshold. You go below that threshold, you lose fat, and you climb up, you take it.

Depending on your lifestyle, your daily caloric requirements (the threshold) should be around 2000-2500kcal.

Your goal here is going to be to lose fat, so you need to reduce your daily calorie intake. For this, two solutions are possible:

The first is to eat less. You have to go through this: decrease the carbohydrates in your diet.
The second is sports. In fact, what happens metabolically is that when you exercise hard, you spend calories. So in the end you lower your calorie intake during the day.
More concretely, let us take the example of Timothy.

Timothy works in an office. He doesn’t move much all day. He just walks 15 minutes in the morning to work. It has a daily requirement (the threshold) of 2200kcal.

However, Timothy eats about 2500 kcal per day on average. So he gets fat. Luckily for him, he signed up for Art de Séduire and came across this article^^^. Following his reading, he decided to lose weight.

First of all, he reduced his daily intake to 2100kcal by depriving himself of Nutella spreads for snacks and chips in front of the football in the evening.
Then, our friend is going to run every other day, he counted that he lost 500kcal with each jogging outing.

Thus, on average, with the race, he can withdraw 250kcal per day from his contributions.

Overall result: 2100-250=1850kcal/day

It is therefore safe to lose weight.

I would like to make it clear by way of indication that this type of diet is not suitable for muscle intake, which requires a hypercaloric diet.

What to eat for beautiful abs?
Now you know you have a basic caloric threshold. If you eat less calories, you will lose weight. If you eat more, you’ll gain weight. That’s the base.

Now we can go even further and look at the quality of the calories you’re going to eat.

The problem is that by looking everywhere, you’ll find everything and anything about what’s good to eat or not. On this subject, I invite you to make your own experiences and observe how your body reacts.

You can look for the slow carbohydrate diet mentioned by Tim Ferriss in his book 4 hours a week for a hellish body. You can also take a look at the principles of paleo diet. Ask around. Test. Experiment.

However, it seems to me that the main dietary principles can be summed up in 5 tips

Eat more fruits and vegetables
Avoiding industrial products
Eat less saturated fat
Eat more good fats (omega 3)
Do more sports.
Even if this will not necessarily be optimal and dietetic professionals will still be able to get involved in expert debates, if you follow these 5 simple principles, you have a good chance of losing abdominal fat.

Anyway, you have everything to gain by being attentive to what you put on your plate. Whether it’s to take care of your health, to feel fit, to have abs designed or to seduce a woman.

We tried to keep things simple. But keep this in mind. If your abs aren’t visible, it’s simply because you’re not dry enough.

A man who does not exercise at all, but who is dry will have abs. On the other hand, you may have the most muscular abs in the world, but if they are buried under a layer of fat, they will remain invisible.

2. Nutritional supplements for beautiful abs?

If you’re a beginner in weight training and read magazines like Flex or Muscle & fitness, you’re probably going to want to try to take dietary supplements in the hope of quickly turning into a super warrior.

I will remind you that these magazines live largely from the advertising they sell and that they will incite you to consume supplements that you don’t necessarily need.

So, unless you become a bodybuilder and do several training sessions lasting several hours a day, you don’t necessarily need to eat kilos of protein powder every day.

The basis of everything is a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

If you’re taking protein powder and creatine, but you sleep only 4 hours a night and your breakfast consists of coffee and pastries, you’re already on the wrong bases.

Replace the morning chocolate breads with a smoothie with fresh fruit. Forget the McDonald’s or lunchtime sandwich to eat more vegetables.

So, before you think about dietary supplements, start by developing your training plan, fine-tuning your diet and taking care of your sleep.

If you are a beginner, this should be more than enough to progress quickly.

It is only after several months of practice that the supplements can eventually help you to pass a course or recover better.

3. Which food supplements to choose for weight training?

We instantly think of protein powder.

However, they are not essential. I would say that sometimes they can still be practical.

But by eating a healthy diet, you’ll find the protein you need in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products or legumes such as lentils or chickpeas.

Afterwards, I agree that it’s more convenient to arrive at the office with a vanilla protein shaker rather than a plate of salmon broccoli for your afternoon snack.

You have three kinds of protein:

Gainers: a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates. They provide a high number of calories to gain weight. They can be useful if you’re really thin and have trouble eating a lot and gaining weight.
Whey Protein: Whey is full of amino acids and helps muscle growth and maintain lean body mass. You can take it before and after training.
In these times, it can be uncomfortable to eat. Especially before training. But don’t abuse it. You don’t have to feed yourself with 6 shakers a day.

Casein: This is the protein that helps you fight muscle loss. It can therefore be useful during a diet phase. It will allow you to reduce your calories without melting your muscles too much.
Other supplements may be useful in your sport and beneficial for your health.

Omega 3: a good quality intake of fatty acids facilitates muscle recovery.
They also have a positive impact on the immune system and help protect you against certain cancers.

A multivitamin supplement: you must take care to absorb all the vitamins and minerals you need to fight against fatigue and maintain the body’s defences.
The mate: it is a plant that is drunk in infusion and is known to act on weight loss. But it also has many other health benefits.
The mate regulates cholesterol and protects the cardiovascular system.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how the abdominals work.

4. To win abdominal muscles, I’ll understand how they work!

A little anatomy and physiology class won’t hurt you.

The abdominals are part of the lumbar sacral belt. These are the muscles of the waist circumference whose function is the different movements of the trunk in relation to the pelvis (flexion, extension, rotation, etc.).

The lumbar sacral belt is made up of two antagonistic muscle groups: the abdominal muscles and the lumbar muscles.

The abdominals are made up of 4 muscles:

The great right (the tablets!) having for goal to bring the sternum closer to the pubis (get in ball!).
The slants. It’s the muscles on the sides of the abs. When they are well developed, they give a kind of parallel diagonal line that raises the abs. They allow the rotation of the bust on the pelvis.
The vacuum. It’s a muscle under the great right, you can’t see it. It allows the stomach to be pulled in. His work is very interesting to make the belly “flatter”.
The big serrated one is a muscle under the arm next to the backbone. Its function is quite complex, it does not work specifically, it comes by itself over time.
The lumbar muscles are the lower back muscles. They contribute to the sheathing by
“bending” the back.

Here, you must have a slightly clearer picture of “what’s going on” muscularly in the lumbar sacral belt. As you may have noticed, the great right and lumbar muscles have reversed movements, one folds the back, the other the camber.

Muscles whose actions are reversed by antagonistic muscles.

Each muscle has its own antagonist, it is important to develop both a muscle and its antagonist, otherwise you will get a strange and ugly result.

At the level of the lumbar sacral belt, it will make either a curved back or a very arched back (in the case of overdevelopment of the abs or lumbar compared to the other).

All this to conclude: you must also work on the lumbar muscles.

5. How to have abs quickly?

I will now reveal the equation for having abs easily. It remains relatively simple:

Visible Abdos = Dietetics + Musculation + Cardio + Specific work of the abdos

You want to have nice abs? You don’t want to be jealous of magazine covers anymore? As we have seen, the most important thing for your abdominals to be visible is to be dry.

Unfortunately, it is not physiologically possible to target the part of the body that you want to lose weight. Otherwise, women would no longer be heard talking about cellulite or pants for a long time.

So, the best strategy to have abs quickly is to do exercises that will cause an important energy expenditure and sculpt your whole body:

The pumps
The dipstick
The squats
The earth lift
Don’t just try to exercise your abs. Take into account your entire body: chest, back, legs, arms, shoulders and everything else.

The central idea is to seek to increase overall muscle mass while forcing the body to burn fat reserves.

In this article, we explain how to create your own strength training program in full body. It is this comprehensive work will help you in your quest to have visible abs.

6. To have abs, don’t forget the cardio.

If you want us to see your abs, don’t forget the cardio dimension of your workout. To accelerate your fat loss, we recommend that you specifically request your heart several times a week.

Also vary the content of your sessions. Sometimes do very intense sessions with sprints or fractional. For example, you can go to the track next to your home and follow the 400m trail.

You can also go to your room and work on a bicycle or rowing machine. Do 1 minute of alternating full-blown exercise with one minute of rest.

Other times, opt for low intensity cardiovascular work for at least 45 minutes. It is by combining these 2 types of sessions that you will obtain the best results and you will see your chocolate bars appear.

You have several solutions to vary the pleasures:

The jogging
The bike
Combat sports
If you want to work on endurance and strength training at the same time, you can also take a close look at CrossFit.

To make it simple, during a CrossFit workout, you follow high intensity cardio and weight training exercises to develop your strength, your musculature, your endurance and therefore forge your abdominals.

To learn all about this discipline, I invite you to read our article on CrossFit.

But now, here’s the part you’re all waiting for, the specific work of the abdominal muscles.

7. How to strengthen your abs?

Of course, it is not possible to specifically target fat loss in the belly. But, however, working on your abs by doing a variety of exercises can help you lose fat at this level.

In addition, specific strength training exercises will bring out your abdominals.

If you have a flat stomach and attack your abdominal fat, your abdominals will already be visible. But by specifically strengthening them, you will bring them out even more.

As important as the choice of exercises is, it is important to change them often. The best way to stagnate is to always do the same exercises.

In my opinion, the best way to proceed is to take one or two exercises for the abs and lumbar muscles that you will do at each session.
abs; a sure value to make sure you don’t practice for nothing. Then, do exercises more to the feeling by changing often.

I think, when I say basic exercise, crunch.

Crunch should be your basic exercise to do your abs.

It is carried out lying on your back, knees raised and bent, your thighs forming a right angle with your body (and the ground). Your hands are behind your head, but you should not shoot them.

The goal is simply to try to bring your sternum closer to your pubic area by removing the shoulder blades from the floor but not the lower back. Do the exercise slowly, try to stay up for 3 seconds at each rehearsal and you have to contract your abs.

For breathing, you have to breathe in while climbing up, and breathe out during descent (yes, the opposite of usual).

This small exercise remains the basis for the work of the great right.

As far as the lumbar region is concerned, the best thing to do is to extend on the bench at the back (or on a cushion or swiss ball).

Do these exercises at the beginning of each session, make about 4 sets of each.

A nice technique is to put a timer at the beginning of the session, of 10/15 minutes, and to train until it rings.

To give you some exercise ideas:

Skew Crunchs (for skewers)
Elongated stretched up legs (large right)
Pedaling “on the back (right)
Knee lift at the fixed bar (large right)
A good idea is to buy a swiss ball, it’s a big inflatable balloon. You have the possibility to do a lot of exercises on it, it is very comfortable and practical. You can find them in any sports shop for about fifteen euros.

Do not do too long sessions (more than 15 minutes with lumbar included), it is too much.

It should be noted that the lumbar sacro belt is responsible for covering many exercises such as squatting, earth lifting, rowing etc… so abs don’t look like much on these types of exercises.

8. More and more new exercises for abs

But there are still plenty of possibilities to exercise your abdominals.

You can also work your abdominal muscles statically by sheathing. You can work with long series or short series. I suggest you mix the two.

When you work on long series, you do not gain muscle mass, but you dry out on your stomach. You prevent fat from coming to rest around your waist.

On the other hand, if you work on shorter series with additional loads, either with a machine or with free weights, you give volume and thickness to your abdominals. The ideal is to do both at the same time.

In the same way, to vary your training, you can buy accessories for use at home. For a lower cost, I can recommend two:

The Swiss ball we saw. You will find many programs and exercises on the internet

The abwheel. If you don’t know this little wheel, I invite you to watch the video that follows.

Finally, you can also consult this other article where we detail other exercises to develop your chocolate bars.

But remember that the more varied the exercises, the more you will work your muscles from all angles, and the more likely you are to have apparent abs.

9. How do I get the lower abs?

Many practitioners think that they can work separately on the upper and lower abdominals. Those below the navel.

Actually, it’s a myth. As we explained to you, the chocolate bars are composed of only one single muscle, it is the right one.

Depending on your genetics, you may have a large right that consists of 6 or 8 abdominals visible.

Obviously, recalcitrant abdominal fat attaches around the waist.

So, even if you train properly and have a proper diet, the lower abdominals will appear last.

Simply because they will remain covered by the remains of your abdominal fat.

However, there are some exercises and techniques that will allow you to go and stimulate the lower abdominals a little more strongly:

Prefatic: begin by doing exercises that will use the upper part of the great right and the oblique ones, then follow with an exercise targeting the lower part of the great right like the leg lifts.

If the top of the great right and your slants are already tired, the bottom of the great right will work harder.

The abdominal wheel already mentioned is also ideal to use the lower part of your right hand in a targeted way.
And for other specific exercises for lower abdominals, we invite you to watch this short video:

10. How to have abs in V?

To have the V-shaped abs, it’s not enough to muscle the right one. You also need to have developed slant lines.

So to get a V-shaped belly, no secrets. As the video below explains, you will have to do 3 things:

Maintain a low fat level by modulating your diet. This is above all a question of will.
Boost fat loss by practicing cardio activity.
Work on the lower abs.

To more easily track your body fat content, you can invest in a connected scale.

But in order for the V to be clearly visible, it is also necessary to concentrate on the specific development of your slants.

11. How to have oblique abs?

It is the muscles that will allow you to rotate the trunk and maintain a good posture each time you use the lower back.

There are a number of exercises that will allow you to specifically target slanting:

The oblique crunch
Side cladding
Bending of the bust with dumbbells
And for those who are motivated, here is a small circuit specially designed to work on your obliques.

12. I will train every two days and I will be persistent!

As we have seen before, muscles need rest and abdominal muscles are no exception. Practice every two days. The more it’s useless.

As with all muscles, to take abs it takes time. Some will have more luck than others thanks to their morphology of the abs that will make them more or less visible. Some unlucky people, even with little fat to lose, will have trouble making them appear… but we must persevere!

We can all have well designed abs, the only question is: how long?

Well, you know, it’s no more complicated than that. Learn by heart these maxims and you will learn the concrete abs of Cristiano Ronaldo!

On the other hand, you’re going to need a lot of motivation and discipline, because the Portuguese says he does more than 3000 abs a day. Superhuman, isn’t it?

More seriously, without going so far, you can considerably improve your figure with these simple tips. The most important thing is to take charge of yourself and know where to start to move on to the next level.

And most importantly, remember, you are looking for aesthetics, but you will get much more for your health and functional aspects of your everyday life:

Improve your general posture
Combating the harmful effects of sedentary living and sitting position
Improve your performance in the sport you play (football, tennis…)
Taking care of your back
And many more health benefits
And to finish this article, some sources of inspiration with the photos of these stars who worked to develop their abdominals and thrill your girlfriends on the field, in the pool or in their most beautiful roles.

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