Healing in Reiki

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Healing in Reiki

Reiki helps healing, whether physical or psychological. It will help the person to see the problem in a different light. The person in care will have to get involved. There are three actors in this treatment: the practitioner who channels, the person who receives, and Reiki.

The Reiki master is a bridge, he places himself in a state of receptivity to receive and welcome the guides who will come to help the healing of the person who asks for this help. So it is not the Reiki master who will heal: he is there only to be a channel, to listen and guide the person on his inner journey.

Thanks to the Reiki master who will listen and guide, the memory of aches and wounds will gradually come to the surface. These wounds of the past will thus free themselves and reveal the deep origin of the malaise.

Reiki will help the person to gently accept these buried realities and by its energy will also help him to face these revelations that intuitively he knew. It will help to better integrate and manage the resulting emotional flow.

However, the person will also have to get involved in their healing. The three great principles of healing are: forgiveness, unconditional love, gratitude. And she will have to work on these three points to achieve a valid and genuine cure.


Very difficult to forgive. First to yourself, then to others. Too often we never forgive ourselves for our mistakes. And it only hardens our hearts. This obviously brings suffering: we are tense, and this tension makes us suffer. We must accept that we came to Earth to experiment, and that there is no life without mistakes.

So let us accept these mistakes, sources of learning, and forgive ourselves. We have the state of Buddha at the bottom of our heart, the state of Buddha, or the Divine, or … etc… Let us therefore call upon this infinite source of wisdom within us and let go. Forgive others? It’s the same thing. Why should we not forgive, we who also make mistakes?

One approach that makes it easier to forgive others is to put oneself in their place. To also understand his suffering. That helps.


It is she who opens the floodgates of the heart and brings abundance on all levels. The gratitude for the accommodation we have, for the food, for the transport, for the care, for the work.

The gratitude towards our family, our parents who did the best they could with their own history and their own sufferings, towards our children who teach us many things, towards our ancestors who also did what they could but who also transmitted treasures to us, towards our friends who supported us, towards our employers, towards nature, animals, plants, minerals, the planet, towards our spiritual guides and referees…. Thank each day for what we have. To become well aware that if we are here and now with the luggage, that we carry, whatever the weight, it is thanks to all these people who allowed us to evolve, to grow. Buddha said that our friends are our enemies, simply because thanks to them we evolve faster.

Unconditional love.

It is to love and love one another unconditionally, without judging and without judging one another. It is to love by accepting the other as he is and to accept himself in the same way. It is to show compassion daily in our hearts.

Compassion and unconditional love help forgiveness. They generate gratitude. They eject the ego. Unconditional love is the bandage of the heart par excellence. It repairs everything, it soothes all sorrows, all sorrows. It makes you forget everything.

There are privileged moments when, after a great work of forgiveness, we feel filled with an infinite love, as if we were one with the Universe, as if we encompass the whole Universe, planet, humanity, with our enemies, in an incommensurable love. I think that can be it, unconditional love. To no longer differentiate between those we love and those who have made us suffer.

When on old wounds, we have succeeded in passing these three stages, we can then say that we are on the right path to liberation. Afterwards, there may still be small traces, small impacts that Reiki will quickly eliminate, but the biggest will have been done.