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A stress-free comeback with my essential oils

A stress-free comeback with my essential oils

There is a whole range of essential oils against stress. How to find your way among all these choices? It is necessary to take several factors into consideration, in particular: the smell, the method of application that suits you best, and the properties more specifically sought after: relaxation, nightmares, anger, stress, sadness, melancholy,… Complicated? Certainly not, follow the guide…

An EO always has a preferred method of application. When you choose your HE, we invite you to keep this specificity in mind so that you know if you can easily introduce it into your daily routine, habits, lifestyle, and needs, so that you can draw your HE at the most opportune time.

Whether ultrasonic (using water) or dry, diffusion spreads volatile fragrances of HE to our olfactory neuroreceptors. The magic of this process lies in the direct link between these neuroreceptors and our limbic brain where emotions and emotional memory are lodged. In other words, EO information does not pass through our boiling mind and all its biases: it speaks directly to our unconscious. An ideal solution to work on an emotional reaction that seems irrational or simply to generate a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, promote communication,… Catherine Cianci – to cure oneself by smells

olfaction, like diffusion, makes it possible to touch the limbic brain but, this time, with even more sharpness since the breathing related to this method is done more consciously and deeply the methods of olfaction. This method will be used to rebalance the psycho-affective domain.

The dermal route:
skin and nervous tissue starting from the same embryonic leaflet, one action on one will influence the other again at the same time. It can be seen with massage: touching the skin can unblock emotions and enter the individual’s intimacy. If, in addition, you add specially selected EOs to the massage oil, you will intensify its effect.



Citrus are excellent to rebalance, soothe and calm emotions.

Petit grain Bigarade EO is one of the favourite in the field of stress, it is generally used in olfaction to relieve stress, nervousness and tension.
You can also test the subtle and deep fragrance of Yuzu EO Yuzu Essential Oil – a treasure pampered by the Japanese that is also a delight for the senses. It is often recommended in olfaction to relax and soothe or bath for example. To do this, pour a few drops of EO in a tablespoon of milk or crème fraîche and dilute it in the water of the bath, which will naturally diffuse its intoxicating odour…
If you prefer the petrol smell of Bergamot, it is also very pleasant in diffusion, like a natural fragrance elegant and measured that relieves anxiety and calms the central nervous system.
The essence of tangerine, nicely called the lullaby with fruity notes, is generally recommended to promote sleep. Very practical, it can be used in many ways and is well suited for babies and children: it can be used as a spread 15 minutes before bedtime or, for adults, put a drop in honey and dilute it in tea before going to sleep. 2 drops mixed with 2 drops of vegetable oil, massage on the belly in a clockwise direction, promotes the transit sometimes blocked by stress. Nightmare addict? Don’t hesitate to test Angélique’s EO, in olfaction, before bedtime.
If you want to mix several HE’s in your diffuser, choose an excellent base: orange essence, which blends beautifully with most other fragrances and carries a warm smell, appreciated by everyone, which is similar to the image of the fireplace.



Lavandula angustifolia Everything is said to the reading of its Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia. True Lavender EO is an essential anti-stress known for centuries, provided of course that you appreciate the smell of it. If the smell of real classic lavender EO sounds a little powerful, we can only invite you to discover the fine lavender EO AOP, a very specific variety of real lavender The power of fine lavender EO with an exquisite fragrance, the one that comes closest to the smell of your hands after caressing a bouquet of lavender in Provence. It is said that its fragrance purifies the mind, dispels black ideas, and sweeps away family troubles.

It can be used in both diffusion and olfaction as well as in pure massage, unlike citrus fruits which must be diluted.

To promote relief before falling asleep, you can put 2-3 drops of fine Lavender EO on your pillow. You can also massage 4 drops of real lavender EO on your solar plexus before going to bed. Do you sometimes wake up with sudden cramps? Massage the area will relieve you within 2 minutes, time for the EO to penetrate your skin!


Noble Chamomile
Chamaemelum nobile

Also known as Roman chamomile, Noble chamomile was already considered sacred during the Egyptian era. Very powerful, the Noble EO of Chamomile allows to release and calm the most important tensions, as well as behavioral disorders (anger, irritability, aggressiveness, violence, hatred, but also dependencies of all forms). It offers calmness and relaxation if you are at your best and favours this famous letting go. You can use it in diffusion or olfaction, but some people may not like its strong smell. Another method is to massage your solar plexus or to have your back massaged for a real deep relaxation with 3-4 pure drops. You can also dilute it, but it will slow down its action. It is also recommended for babies, but in this case, it is important to respect the dosages.


Rosewood Rose Wood

Aniba rosaeodora ssp amazonicaWhen we are stressed, our tonus is failing, our vitality is declining and our immune system may need a little help. The rosewood EO offers support in this respect by its positive, energizing and revitalizing action, without stimulating since it is nervous rebalancing. It also brings all its broad spectrum anti-infectious potential to support the strained organism. Be careful not to confuse the rosewood HE with that of Bois de Hô which, although very close to the molecular level, does not equal the first at the level of its subtle fragrance. For more information don’t hesitate to browse our article (please link to Rosewood)

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